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Remove ZangoSearch: ZangoSearch removal tool & guide

Name:   ZangoSearch (Zango Toolbar)
Type:   Adware \ Spyware
Risk impact:   High risk

What is ZangoSearch

ZangoSearch (Zango Toolbar, Zango Search, Adware.ZangoSearch) is a special Internet Explorer toolbar with search function. ZangoSearch monitors user Internet activity and opens partner web sites when it detects specific keywords that the user enters into the web browser's search field or shopping sites. This malware automatically runs on every Windows startup. ZangoSearch can slow your internet connection. It is hard to remove ZangoSearch, because it is able to restore itself after removing.

Zango Toolbar

ZangoSearch behaviour

  • ZangoSearch displays ads
  • ZangoSearch tracks browsing activity with installed applications
  • ZangoSearch uses excessive system resources

Users about ZangoSearch

stuntman1 - 10-Oct-2006 - Can't remove Adware.ZangoSearch - Hey, this weekend I did something stupid and opened an email from what at first glance was one of my friends. Anyway, my Symantec Antivirus detected a virus, Adware.ZangoSearch. I didn't think much of it because I immediately started the quarantine process. However, a couple of days pass and now my mouse is out of control. I checked my antivirus, and sure enough I learn that only partial removal of the virus occurred. Anyway, short of wiping my hard-drive I was hoping you could help (even if it ends up that i have to wipe my hard-drive).

ZangoSearch removal instructions

Remove ZangoSearch system processes:

Unregister ZangoSearch DLLs:

Remove ZangoSearch files:

Remove ZangoSearch registry values: