Monthly Archives: September 2011

Zentom virus – how to remove?

Zentom virus (Zentom System Guard) is the latest AntiMalwareDoctor clone. Use this serial\activation code to activate this virus and stop popups. After puting Zentom serial number – remove this crap manually or using automatical uninstaller.


Zentom virus manual removal

Trojan.gen2 – easy removal of popular threat

Get rid of  Trojan.gen2 – there are plenty of reasons to clean this virus (please take into account that the infection, to be removed, must be cleaned in full, meaning any file or drive remaining infected with the virus is a deletion failure). The virus attempts to disable Safe Mode option and security programs and attempts to upload malicious programs.  It is probably used to facilitate fake antivirus tricks.

Read more at Trojan.Gen2 manual removal guide

OpenCloud Security virus – we know how to remove it

OpenCloudSecurity is the latest scamware, designed to trick you into buying “FULL” version of this scamware by showing virus popups and alerts. Don’t give your money for scammers and criminals! Use OpenCloud Security removal guide by Fix computer problem to kill this dangerous malware.