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TOP Malware (April)


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What is a hijacker?

Hijacker is a type of malware that alters your computer's browser settings so that you are redirected to different (sometimes XXX, advertisment) web-sites.

Browser hijackers and the pornographic material they often leave in their wake can also be responsible for a variety of non-technical problems. Employees have lost jobs because of content and links found on their computers at work; people have been charged with possession of illegal material; and personal relationships have been severed or strained.

Typical Zlob Hijackers

Prevention from keyloggers

To avoid contamination, we advise users to read user agreements carefully, and to be cautious about freeware downloads and e-mail messages from unknown sources.Also we advise to:

  •  Update windows with latest patches
  •  Ensure that Antivirus and Antispyware programs are used regularly
  •  Secure Internet Explorer settings
  •  Practice safe browsing (with firewalls, Mozilla Firefox...)

Symptoms of hijacker

  • Slow PC performance

    Having even as few as one or two types of Browser Hijackers can clog your bandwidth causing sluggish computer performance. Because types of Browser Hijackers secretly operate in the background, you won't be able to easily detect them. Noticeable problems like computer taking long periods to turn on or a slow Internet connection - are signs that your computer may have Browser Hijackers.

  • New desktop shortcuts or homepage.

    Hijackers may add new desktop shortcuts or even change your settings to redirect your default homepage to point to another site. If you want your computer to be spyware-free, you must remove all traces of Browser Hijackers.

  • Bombarded with annoying popups.

    Hijackers may bombard your computer with popup ads. Browser Hijackers may prevent regular Internet activity and even track your surfing habits as well as your personal information. Remove Browser Hijackers immediately because the more traces of Browser Hijackers you have the more popups you'll see on your computer.

Everyone heard the adage "The best offense is a good defense" and that's most often true. You can find a wide range of programs here on that can detect and eliminate hijackers, adware, trojans and other dangerous programs.

Hijackers catalog

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