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Rogue anti-spyware catalog

What is rogue-antispyware?

Many so called anti spyware and spyware removal programs today have questionable value or may actually install more spyware on to your computer! These types of programs are called "Rogue" anti spyware because they are masquerading as legitimate anti spyware tools, when in fact they are infecting your machine with more spyware.

Rogue-antispyware symptoms

Lots of people spend money on these products which actually make the problem worse by giving you a false sense of protection.
There are typical symptoms of rogue antispyware:

Slow computer:
There only has to be one to two Rogue Anti-Spyware parasites on your computer to hinder your bandwidth and dramatically slow your PC. Rogue Anti-Spyware in general works silently and secretly in the background and will be hard for the user to detect. Common symptoms are longer PC reboot times and reduced internet connection speeds.

Ad Popups on Your Computer:
Rogue Anti-Spyware can also inundate your computer with popup ads, also while offline. Rogue Anti-Spyware can prevent regular internet activity, monitor and record your surfing habits and personal information. It is strongly recommended that Rogue Anti-Spyware is removed from your PC IMMEDIATELY. The more traces of Rogue Anti-Spyware on your computer, the more popups you will see.

New hompage url, new desktop shortcut's:
Rogue Anti-Spyware may alter your Internet settings and redirect your default homepage. Rogue Anti-Spyware may add new icons and shortcuts to your PC desktop. To avoid these problems it is advised to download a Rogue Anti-Spyware scanner or monitor and manually remove all traces of Rogue Anti-Spyware.

How do rogue-antispyware spread?

Rogue antispyware programs may be downloaded by Trojan horses or installed when the Fake Alert is clicked. Other characteristics of rogue anti-spyware programs include:

  • Product is advertised via pop-up ads
  • Program appears in a Desktop Hijack
  • Installation occurs without user knowledge or consent

How to find realy good antispyware?

There are several easy ways to differentiate between legitimate programs and rogue applications:
Trustworthy anti-spyware programs do not advertise in pop-up ads or on questionable Web sites, such as gambling or pornographic sites.

Any security application which appears on your machine that you did not knowingly download or install is questionable, and is likely an illegitimate program.

The scan results should tip you off as well – inspect these carefully. Rogue anti-spyware programs will report legitimate files and processes as spyware to scare you into thinking that you have several spies on your PC.

Enter the product’s name in your favorite search engine, if results such as “Remove product name” appear, it is probably a questionable application.

Everyone heard the adage "The best offense is a good defense" and that's most often true. You can find a wide range of programs here on that can detect and eliminate rogue antispyware, adware, trojans and other dangerous programs.

Rogue antispyware catalog

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