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Remove Antivirus 1: Anti-virus-1 removal tool & guide

Name:   Antivirus 1, Antivirus1, Antivirus-1, Anti-virus-1
Type:   Rogue Anti-spyware
Risk impact:   Extremely high

What is Antivirus 1

Antivirus 1(Anti-virus-1 or Antivirus-1) is another program that pretends to be software that is at least approved by Microsoft, if to trust in its logo that looks like a slightly modified logo of typical Windows program. Antivirus 1 is very similar and has one issuer with notorious Antivirus 360 and less infamous but same hazardous Antivirus 2010. Fake Windows Security Center praising Anti-virus-1, according to the idea of hackers trading with Anti-virus-1, should be a final evidence of Antivirus 1 reliability and close relationship with Windows. Fortunately, Windows is in no relation of approval or partnership with this program. Unfortunately, Windows does not ban Antivirus 1 so this program tricks users and bothers them with its repeating scans and alerts. Trojans find vulnerabilities in Windows and install themselves, facilitating hidden downloading and installation of the malware of Antivirus 1 afterwards, and that is a common method of this malware installation. Antivirus 1 pretends to reveal infections, but lists imaginary names of threats instead, all the same at any computer.Antivirus 1 also imitates the Blue Screen of Death stating that SPYWARE.MONSTER.FX_WILD is detected. Then, the Windows reboots, and Antivirus 1 generates the alert reading as follows:

Your Antivirus 1 copy is unregistered. Microsoft Security recommends you to activate your antivirus protection software.

Once you have reviled the infection or in case of any suspicion, click the link below to start free scan and remove Anti-virus-1, as well as any associated or unrelated parasites posing a challenge to your computer safety and consuming its resources. Antivirus 1 removal is the prerequisite of your Windows stability and its registration is unreasonable action to do, for even if you suppose its alerts and scans would stop afterwards, you are wrong: Antivirus 1 is the same annoying malware no matter that you have paid for its registration. The only way to stop it is to remove Anti-virus-1.

Download Antivirus-1 removal tool

Download registry cleaner to remove registry errors caused by Antivirus-1

The Antivirus 1 behaviour

  • Antivirus 1 is a fake spyware cleaner
  • Antivirus 1 may be difficult to remove
  • Antivirus 1 installs without your consent
  • Antivirus 1 display comercial advertisments
  • Antivirus 1 may recreate itself
  • Antivirus 1 may cause system crashes

Antivirus 1 popup

Antivirus 1 removal instructions

Remove Antivirus 1 system processes:
Remove Antivirus 1 files:

Remove Antivirus 1 registry values:

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