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Remove Antivirus 2009 Plus: Antivirus2009Plus removal tool & guide

Name:   Antivirus 2009 Plus, Antivirus2009Plus
Type:   Rogue Anti-spyware
Risk impact:   Extremely high

What is Antivirus 2009 Plus

Antivirus 2009 Plus has reached the top of its popularity at the beginning of November of 2008. The threat has been described at these dates at major antispyware forums and blogs and websites in standard definitions as a program aimed to get your money scaring you with misleading security reports. Now, new features have been added to this malware and new flow of users' complaints have started. The update is that Antivirus 2009 Plus has been decreased in size and more actively promoted through the pop-ups and hidden links as it is now much easier for hackers to slip Antivirus 2009 Plus into the targeted computer memory. The technology is tricky but almost legitimate. As user is visiting websites which have banners and popups powered by hackers, he may be redirected to the online fake scan by Antivirus 2009 Plus that is accompanied with dozens of popups. Since clicking No button leads to another popup, users often click Yes to stop it and this imitates download of trilawrae of Antivirus 2009 Plus. Since its size is quite small, before suspending of the download trialware installation may have been completed and Antivirus 2009 Plus removal is needed. Old ways of installation and program in old heavy weight category has not been eliminated yet so that there are still relatively higher chances to get old version of Antivirus 2009 Plus, too. Regardless of the modification, remove Antivirus 2009 Plus at the earliest opportunity.

Download Antivirus 2009 Plus removal tool

Download registry cleaner to remove registry errors caused by Antivirus 2009 Plus

The Antivirus 2009 Plus behaviour

  • Antivirus 2009 Plus can install malware
  • Antivirus 2009 Plus is difficult to remove
  • Antivirus 2009 Plus may cause system errors
Antivirus 2009 Plus web-site

Antivirus 2009 Plus removal instructions

Remove Antivirus 2009 Plus system processes:
Antivirus 2009 Plus

Remove Antivirus 2009 Plus files:

Remove Antivirus 2009 Plus registry entries:

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