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Remove OpenCloud AV: Open Cloud AV removal tool & guide

Name:   OpenCloud AV, Open Cloud AV
Type:   Rogue Anti-spyware
Risk impact:   Extremely high

What is OpenCloud AV

OpenCloud AV (OpenCloud Security clone) is a high-tech of malware development. It displays great performance in bypassing computer protection, user’s authorization and adjusting computer system to its needs. This means you need a well thought-out technique to ensure OpenCloud AV removal.
One of the worst things about the scam is that it looks really good so that many users are inclined to trust it. Furthermore, even where installed without user’s agreement, the adware tends to imitate obtaining the consent of computer user generating fake installation dialog. Most of its pseudo-requests are satisfied, and guess why? Those familiar with adware probably know the answer as it is a common trick when sneaky software engage names of venerable trademarks such as Microsoft into their marketing as Windows logo and name of Microsoft are included into popups generated by such tricky software products. That is why users see no reason to suspect deception as they belive it is the very computer system they relay on that suggests the software. Download Spyware Doctor to get rid OpenCloud AV and see no more misleading popups on behalf of the counterfeit (even if these contain references to being genertaed by Windows), as well as prevent it from facilitating, even if unintentionally, other threats introduction.

Download OpenCloud AV removal tool

Download registry cleaner to remove registry errors caused by OpenCloud AV

OpenCloud AV behaviour

  • OpenCloud AV compromises your privacy and security.
  • OpenCloud AV is difficult to uninstall.
  • OpenCloud AV displays ad's.
  • OpenCloud AV installs without your consent.
  • OpenCloud AV can install other types of spyware/adware.

OpenCloud AV GUI and fake Windows Security Alert (Zeus trojan detection)

OpenCloud AV removal instructions

Remove OpenCloud AV processes:

Remove OpenCloud AV files:

Remove OpenCloud AV registry values:

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