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Remove OpenCloud Security: Open Cloud Security removal tool & guide

Name:   OpenCloud Security, Open Cloud Security, OpenCloud Threat
Type:   Rogue Anti-spyware
Risk impact:   Extremely high

What is OpenCloud Security

OpenCloud Security is brought to computer systems controlled by rootkits, if requirements to IP location satisfy hackers. In such case, OpenCloud Security removal only accomplishes the rootkit extermination.
The authors and promoters of the program have not limited options for infiltration of their product to rootkit captured machines only. A variety of other methods are in use, which have already been observed, and perhaps there are even more to observe.
Characteristics of the software as its distributors/authors describe theses are all fraud. It does not and cannot protect your PC, neither have its authors had relevant intention.
The rogue remained idle when most obvious infections were attacking test machine. To be honest, such test was rather unnecessary precaution to ensue the program was actually misleading as brief analyzes of its components provided sufficient evidence that the program had no tool for safeguarding computer.
Remove OpenCloud Security that imitates computer protection in extremely annoying way, yet claiming money for the forced showcase.

Download OpenCloud Security removal tool

Download registry cleaner to remove registry errors caused by OpenCloud Security

The OpenCloud Security behaviour

  • OpenCloud Security is a fake spyware cleaner
  • OpenCloud Security may be difficult to remove
  • OpenCloud Security installs without your consent
  • OpenCloud Security display comercial advertisments
  • OpenCloud Security may recreate itself
  • OpenCloud Security may cause system crashes

OpenCloud Security screenshots
(popups and GUI)

OpenCloud Security removal instructions

Remove OpenCloud Security system processes:
OpenCloud Security.exe

Remove OpenCloud Security files:

Remove OpenCloud Security registry values:

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