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Remove Windows Recovery: WindowsRecovery removal tool & guide

Name:   Windows Recovery, WindowsRecovery, Windows-Recovery
Type:   Rogue Anti-spyware
Risk impact:   Extremely high

What is Windows Recovery

To fake a policemen, wearing his uniform is just enough. To fake security tool for computer system, it is just enough to dress up a program in appropriate way, it is even better to decorate it with medals and awards. Detention and probably imprisoning is a common penalty for faking a policemen. Hackers spreading Windows Recovery (WindowsRecovery) are unlikely to be imprisoned in the nearest future, for they reside in countries that do not properly prosecute hackers or rather fake the prosecution. However, they do somewhat greater damage than a man faking a police officer can do, for a man can appear in one place at a time, but a computer infection appears in thousands locations in one time.
Its appearance is usually followed by sharp drop of system speed and other unwanted changes. That is another reason to get rid of Windows Recovery (WindowsRecovery) as it fakes antivirus thoroughly so that it harms computers instead of viruses which it pretends to detect. Click the link below to detect and detain and exterminate real security threats, with Windows Recovery removal as inevitable system disinfection step the suggested procedure includes.

Download Windows Recovery removal tool

Download registry cleaner to remove registry errors caused by Windows Recovery

The Windows Recovery behaviour

  • Windows Recovery shows exaggerated security reports and false spyware detection messages
  • Windows Recovery is difficult to remove
  • Windows Recovery may update after removal
  • Windows Recovery displays ad's

    Windows Recovery screenshots

Windows Recovery removal instructions

Remove Windows Recovery system processes:

Remove Windows Recovery files:

Remove Windows Recovery registry entries:

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