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Remove W32.Blaster.Worm : Blaster.Worm removal tool & guide

Name:   W32.Blaster.Worm (Worm.W32.Blaster)
Type:   Worm
Risk impact:   High risk

About W32.Blaster.Worm

W32.Blaster.Worm is a threat spread among Windows computers. It is know to be still distributed by hackers and to keep mutating, though its age is enormous in terms of the cyber infections.
The most notorious variant of the worm was its B version programmed by Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18 years old US citizen from Minnesota. The youngster was detained in 2003 and court decided for 18 months prison term for the unlucky hacker.
Originally, though, the infection was developed and released by Chinese hackers that exploited popular vulnerability in Windows operating systems. To be precise, they created the worm as a remake of a patch for certain Microsoft products vulnerability so that the worm successfully integrated into Windows computers under the guise of system security update.
The worm caused repeated system errors such as RPC service error followed by inevitable system shut-down, of which users were notified by standard system alert.
W32.Blaster.Worm removal help is still required by many users as its new versions keep emerging.

Download automatical removal tool

Download registry cleaner to remove registry errors caused by W32.Blaster.Worm

W32.Blaster.Worm behaviour

  • W32.Blaster.Worm installs without your consent
  • W32.Blaster.Worm.can install other malware
  • W32.Blaster.Worm uses its own emailing engine
  • W32.Blaster.Worm is difficult to uninstall.
  • W32.Blaster.Worm causes system errors

W32.Blaster.Worm removal instructions

Remove W32.Blaster.Worm files:

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