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Malware removal guides

Remove AVASoft Antivirus Professional - AVASoft Professional Antivirus Removal tool & guide

AVASoft Antivirus Professional is a malicious program that plays tricks with users. It sneaks onto computer system through various vulnerabilities, flaws in computer security. It is important to have on your computer system a good firewall, apart from AVASoft Antivirus Professional removal, or the history is much likely to repeat itself, as after the malware extermination it may recur, for the gaps in security are still available.The program advertises itself as an antivirus. It displays a nice-looking, full featured antivirus menu offering such services as scan, Internet and personal security, proactive defense, firewall.None of the above services are actually rendered. Instead, the adware generates a list if contrived threats, intentionally misleading to scare people.

AVASoft Antivirus Professional removal instructions »

Added:08 Apr - 2013

Remove PCEU virus - Police Central e-crime Unit trojan Removal tool & guide

PCEU virus ransomware is installed onto computer system for the sake of scaring users into transferring to hackers a fee posed as a fine to Special Crime Directorate, Police Central e-crime Unit (UK). It is powered by trojan. The trojan is a concoction of black hats.
The force has nothing to do with the popup and ransomware, save they should prosecute, detain and imprison the crooks. Do not pay £ 100 mentioned in the popup, or else you waste your money without completing the removal of PCEU ransomware, but stimulate hackers into producing and circulating more and more viruses. The tricky popup claims you have been deprived of access to your PC because of violating UK laws related to web-surfing, namely child porn and abuse, zoophilia websites have been loaded into your PC. Use removal directions to get rid of PCEU ransomware as another variant of scareware customized to deal with UK users.

PCEU virus, Police Central e-crime Unit trojan removal instructions »

Added:30 Aug - 2012

Remove Trojan.Horse.Dropper.Generic.cMII - Dropper.Generic.cMII Removal tool & guide

Trojan.Horse.Dropper.Generic.cMII plays trick with web-searches in order to create inbound traffic for the websites specified in its instructions. The rogue may act as though it randomly loads some out-of-context urls. In reality, the algorithms clearly specify the circumstances for performing redirects. After all, computer infections cannot make free/random decisions as they are only meant to follow the instructions in their scripts. Removal of Trojan.Horse.Dropper.Generic.cMII constitutes a problem as the hackers have applied a common yet still efficient dodge of putting their malware into white-listed area. This time, services.exe is a target.Naturally, one should not remove Trojan.Horse.Dropper.Generic.cMII by cleaning the entire affected system file – disinfect services.exe and other harmless entries on your PC with free scanner available here.

Trojan.Horse.Dropper.Generic.cMII removal instructions »

Added:30 Jul - 2012

Remove Live Security Platinum - Live Security Platinum Removal tool & guide

Live Security Platinum burdens people with endless popups dedicated to problems in computer security. There is no way to get rid of Live Security Platinum save by cleaning its entries completely, for the sneaky program does not expose its entries in line with system requirements for legit applications so that routine methods for programs uninstalling are not effective against the unfair software product.
The application is categorized as a counterfeit, because it does not notify users on real infections. Instead of that, virus names are derived from databases of legit security solutions and are included into the table displayed by the malware as though it has observed them in the computer memory.
Worst of it is that the malware establishes a routine of terminating useful program explain the inability to run by notepad.exe infection. In such a way the rogue manages to prevent prosecution of many antivirus products.
To be on a safe side, run free scan and remove Live Security Platinum cleaning all the threats disclosed by the scanner.

Live Security Platinum removal instructions »

Added:10Jul - 2012

Remove Get Answers Fast Redirect - Removal tool & guide

Get Answers Fast Redirect ( is not as attractive as to get a traffic of thousands of visitors flowing into its pages. There is an applet distributed through a number of malware circulation schemes. This is a binary bulb compatible with any browser of common knowledge. It is this virus that makes the above url that popular.
In the wild, thousands of computers have been found infected by malware sponsoring the website in question. The infection is of tiny size, but is skillful enough to load the url as instructed, on given intervals and even in response to user’s activities. For example, it may be instructed to block Google searches on the stages of entering keywords and opening search results in a random order so that some searches with Google run smoothly, others are redirected to the website advertised by the hijacker.
Get rid of Get Answers Fast Redirect malware to eradicate the annoying habit of your browser to open pages you definitely have not requested. Free scanner will provide you an experimentally validated tool for Get Answers Fast Redirect virus removal. removal instructions »

Added:24 May - 2012

Remove Smart DataRecovery - S.M.A.R.T Data Recovery Removal tool & guide

S.M.A.R.T Data Recovery infiltrates into computer system using exploits and trojan droppers. Those are called method of direct malware introduction.Indirect methods are also practiced. They are based on a website dressed up as an online scanner for hard drive errors, registry contamination, junk files etc. The scanner is actually but a misleading page designed to scare people into loading the annoying counterfeit.
A fully installed malware in question consists of main menu popups such as S.M.A.R.T. Check and S.M.A.R.T Recovery and secondary popups dedicated to particular events e.g.“A hard drive error occurred while starting the application.”

S.M.A.R.T Data Recovery removal instructions »

Added:10May - 2012

Remove Trojan.Win32.FakeSysdef - Win32.FakeSysdef Removal tool & guide

Win32.FakeSysdef is a threat name reported by renowned antispyware vendor. It unveils the trick that plays a vendor of counterfeited system utility.Removal of Trojan.Win32.FakeSysdef applies to a range of programs dressed up as a tool for fixing system errors such as hardware imperfections, hard drive defects, overall system performance. The applications do not actually scan for any problems; any issue they refer to should be disregarded in the sense it has nothing to do with actual errors, if any, that you do need to fix.
One of the most notorious counterfeits in the malicious strain is called SmartHDD. It is actually a complex set of popups, including fake Windows XP Recovery chrome.
Other malwares in the strain are merely clones to the above program. Once your PC has been compromised by one of such adwares, proceed to free scan and get rid of Trojan.Win32.FakeSysdef as one of the most dangerous counterfeits lurking in the memory of your computer system. Free scanner supplied for the above purposes is awaiting to be loaded right here.

Trojan.Win32.FakeSysdef removal instructions »

Added:24 Apr - 2012

Remove Trojan.Zeroaccess.B - Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf Removal tool & guide

Trojan.Zeroaccess.B (Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf) resides in the folder that contains system drives.Typical path is %System%\Drivers\[random driver name].sys, where the random driver name is an actual driver designation. The selection is made among actual files stored in the specified location and alphabetically falls within the range of drivers from classpnp.sys to win32k.sys (basically, an appropriate name would start with any letter from C to W inclusively).
Installation of the rootkit deletes actual system file. That itself mutilates compromised PC. Fortunately, the damage is not critical.The Drivers folder item is a core installation. Apart from that, there are several secondary files created. Removal of Trojan.Zeroaccess.B (Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf) needs to cover both the main file and files derived from it.The infection opens a backdoor. It has tools to compromise any browser.The backdoor is used to establish connection with remote hackers so that they could remotely control the target machine.Get rid of Trojan.Zeroaccess.B (Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf) applying advanced anti-rootkit scanner.

Trojan.Zeroaccess.B (Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf) removal instructions »

Added:21 Apr - 2012

Remove Funmoods Toolbar - Funmoods Search Malware ( removal

FunMoods toolbar is classified as an application which users dislike. This is called a potentially unwanted software. In the wild, people get the bar integrated into their browser on “oh, you'll love this one too!" terms. That is, as they are loading certain utility e.g. free pdf creator, they might get bored to untick countless boxes; that leads to installation of one or multiple applications of annoying behavior.Even if you have intentionally loaded the bar, and even if you deliberately found and enjoyed its website, there is a good chance to eventually get bored with the program. That is the moment of truth as the removal of FunMoods adware turns to be a problematic job, unless there is a relevant assistance in place.Free scan tool will remove FunMoods toolbar and fix the consequences of its activities.

Funmoods Toolbar removal instructions »

Added:11 Apr - 2012

Remove S.M.A.R.T. HDD - SMART HDD removal tool & guide

S.M.A.R.T. HDD adware is not to be confused with the same-name legitimate monitoring technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology; commonly known as SMART).The rogue is typically installed through intrusive popup. The popup may appear on pretty legitimate website, in spite of that the program it promotes is basically unfair and illegal. The message of annoying ad prompts the viewer to load and install the said program. However, whatever you chose the malware slips into your PC and tells you that your hard drive is infected.
The rogue runs mock security scan generating two windows dedicated two its progress and outcome, respectively titled S.M.A.R.T. Check and S.M.A.R.T. Repair. It is understood there is no actual process of threats identification as the windows produced by the malware are meant to cheat and scare users. Remove S.M.A.R.T. HDD as a set of popups and restrictive techniques that block basic Windows features.Free scan technology is a recommended way to complete S.M.A.R.T. HDD removal.

S.M.A.R.T. HDD removal instructions »

Added:10 Apr - 2012

Remove - Scour search virus removal tool & guide

Scour search redirect virus is a worldwide (in)famous malware designed to support the same-name arty-crafty search facility and toolbar.It is propagated among computers using techniques of drive-by download thus successfully skipping most or all of the routine that provide for user the option to decline the installation. Worst of it is that the adware interferes with Google searches, especially when user is anticipating search result link to get loaded into the browser. Removal of Scour search virus is often discussed as a Google virus extermination. However, it is to be admitted that the adware is not exclusively focused on banning any single url.Download antimalware with free scan and get rid of Scour search virus so that you could enjoy the web without forced visiting annoying and useless substitutions to the search engines of common knowledge.

Scour redirect malware removal instructions »

Added:9 Apr - 2012

Remove - Happili Redirect Malware removal tool & guide

Happili Redirect Virus ( does not make users happy as they experience great obstacles in reaching Google and other web-search portals. The redirect loads several websites that pretend to assist user in performing keyword based Internet searches. As a matter of fact, those sites rather promote dubious products of interest to hacker then give user a bit of valid info.The redirect is powered by virus. It is thus evident that removal of Happili redirect implies extermination of the relevant infection.Free scan based extermination routine is available on Fix computer problem.COM so that you can remove Happili redirect infection and other threats as identified in the course of computer memory inspection. removal instructions »

Added:28 Mar - 2012

Remove - Abnow Redirect Malware removal tool & guide

Abnow Redirect Malware ( replaces Google search result items with its own facilities loaded into browser of a computer infected. The infected computer is captured by a virus of redirect functionality. Its payload includes detailed instructions on frequency and conditions for performing its redirect. Fortunately, it does not block computer system browsing entirely, even allowing access to items specifies as Google search results. In the meantime, for certain keywords it performs a spoof search results tricks changing genuine list of results as returned by Google or another valid search engine with the list of urls corresponding to the hacker’s interests.
In the long run, the infection sponsoring the tricky page makes web-surfing practically useless as most of the addresses typed into url bar of any browser would anyway load the above page. Remove no matter how long the annoying page has been getting on your nerves.Get rid of malicious redirect and other dangerous and annoying entries as detected by free scanner. removal instructions »

Added:21 Mar - 2012

Remove - Searchnu Redirect Malware removal tool & guide

Searchnu Redirect Virus ( works as a magnet for browsers. Some users who understand there is an issue mistakenly associate the problem with particular browser. Alas, the online magnet attracts any browsing software acting as a universal redirect infection.
Naturally the website does not create an inbound traffic itself. The job is done by redirect virus or hijacker planted onto computer system as exploit , trojan or worm. In the other words, any kind of drive-by download could be applied to inject the malicious browsing moderator onto as many machines as possible. The infection issues commands to any browser so that it is forced to load the url in question. Users grow especially annoyed, if the redirect occurs upon clicking a link in Google’s search results list.Removal of is relatively easy, yet many removers fall into the mistake of cleaning particular browser instead of rooting out the very source of redirect installed outside web-surfing software.Free scanner could complete removal routine setting all your browser free of the annoying addiction. removal instructions »

Added:08 Mar - 2012

Remove Cycbot.B trojan - Backdoor:Win32/Cycbot.B malware removal tool & guide

Cycbot.B was updated at the beginning of 2012, but originally the threat was registered in 2010. Detection was updated considerably, but not enough to morph to another edition by changing last letter of the infection’s names.Being true to the family of Cycbot malware the rogue attempts to create several folder for its components in Documents and Settings directory, e.g. experts revealed malicious files in Microsoft folder located at the above directory and found it to contain the infection under review.Removal of Cycbot.B enables to prevent various damages. Predicting the harm the rogue is to cause is a real guesswork as the payload is assigned individually to each copy of the backdoor once it has established a connection to remote hacker’s server. Prevailing purposes of the virus use in the wild are data stealing through logging keystrokes, introducing other infections, data corruption and Windows settings maladjustment.Get rid of Cycbot.B as a bit of its activities is worth little effort of following the free scanner link with the view of identifying and exterminating the super-malicious parasite.

Cycbot.B removal instructions »

Added:20 Feb - 2012

Remove Searchqu toolbar - malware removal tool & guide

Searchqu Toolbar is definitely annoying modification of your browser look. It has been plaguing Internet community for years. The malicious extension stands behind redirection to its own search facilities, e.g. hxxp:// (visiting this page involves potential risk). The most outrageous thing about the redirects is their concurrence with requests to Google and other worldwide famous sites providing web-exploring services so that users are not allowed to make web-searches with reliable engines. Furthermore, the toolbar has been found to cause a number of errors, some of which go beyond browsing and pose a challenge to entire computer system. Hence removal of Searchqu toolbar is not limited to browser purification being a measure aimed at overall system performance enhancement.Use free scanner that will remove Searchqu toolbar and hijacker, as well as other threats recognized by its threat identification facility.

Most popular landing page destinations: removal instructions »

Added:18 Feb - 2012

Remove Internet Security 2012 - InternetSecurity 2012 malware removal tool & guide

Internet Security 2012 detects viruses among its own files. The files included into its scan report are merely useless entries. Their deletion is a matter of memory cleanup in order to free space for useful objects.A real virus is the above program. It is made of fake antispyware detected just a day before its own disclosure by malware experts. Both programs belong to one of the oldest malware groups named after one of its pioneer members, Privacy Protection malware.
Registering its own harmless and useless components as trojans, viruses and other type infections is the least evil from the counterfeit as it badly annoys users and interferes with a number of legit software products. The rogue typically manages to amend System Registry so as to launch automatically whenever Windows is loaded and independently popup its nag screens.Get rid of Internet Security 2012 to undo maladjustments performed by the malware. Initiate Internet Security 2012 removal by downloading and installing free scanner for the purpose of PC disinfection that is certainly to cover the misleading antivirus.

Internet Security 2012 removal instructions »

Added:25 Jan - 2012

Remove Smart Protection 2012 - SmartProtection 2012 malware removal tool & guide

Smart Protection 2012 attacks computer systems relying on assistance of trojans and misleading security websites presented as online computer memory examination facilities. The attack’s goal is to introduce fake antispyware under the above name into targeted machine.The program is installed into computer system in such a way as to keep users away of its essentials, thus to aggravate the removal of Smart Protection 2012. Uninstalling the program by going through routines provided for legitimate software deletion and extermination is not available.Download genuine antivirus to get rid of Smart Protection 2012 and learn and fix actual security threats on your PC.

Smart Protection 2012 removal instructions »

Added:18 Jan - 2012

Remove Security Monitor 2012 - SecurityMonitor 2012 malware removal tool & guide

Security Monitor 2012 is an offspring of old tree of counterfeits. It is a clone, both when we take its skins and tactics it applies.There has been a remarkably long interruption in cloning as the fake in question has been released more than half year after its closest parental counterpart, Security Solution 2011. For your information, there are dozens of fake antivirus families, which members are routinely cloned from single template. A regular pace of such families replenishment is not less than a copy a week. Remove Security Monitor 2012 as yet another fake antispyware. Launch free computer examination followed by thorough cleanup, including extermination of fake virus removers and real viruses.

Security Monitor 2012 removal instructions »

Added:15 Jan - 2012

Remove System Check - SystemCheck malware removal tool & guide

System Check trojan fakes system performance enhancement by means of identifying and fixing errors related to Registry, RAM, HDD and My Computer. In fact, it shows the same popups as that generated by System Repair, Master Utilities and other programs previously observed by users and detected by malware watchers as members of the last generation of clones in FakeHDD family. Get rid of System Check as it tries to interfere with legitimate software products. When doing so the rogue does not forget to specify imaginary reasons such as RAM overheating, hard drive reading failures etc. Worst of it is that it can act actually corrupt important data just to make an impression. Use free scan remover in order that System Check removal could be performed along with other infections as disclosed by threat recognition utility.

System Check removal instructions »

Added:11 Jan - 2012

Remove AV Security 2012 - AV-Security 2012 malware removal tool & guide

AV Security 2012, aka AVSecurity, also may have year number attached at the end (2011 or 2012), is still a relatively new look of AV Guard Online malware strain. The rogue under review is a visual double for Cloud Protection pseudo defense.
The family is well-compatible with Windows. Therefore Windows user is a regular casualty of cyber attacks made under name of the badware. If the program is introduced into computer system other than of Microsoft origin, it can survive and oppress computer system. It is not programmed to self-abolish in non-Windows environment.
In the meantime, most of its statement describe the situation on the above operating system. It may run alerts which would contain such suggestions as "Please tell Microsoft about this problem" (in the alert that notifies on Svhost.exe missing) and even popups titled Windows Security Alert.
Get rid of AV Security 2012 malware as that is a counterfeit that attempts to make impression of guarding your PC. In fact, removal of AV Security 2012 is not a matter of survival, in most of the cases, neither for your PC nor for its operating system, but it is also true that making use of using PC compromised with the adware is a tough job.
Clean your computer of such a disastrous utility and let true free scanner detect and exterminate actual infections.

AV Security 2012 removal instructions »

Added:14 Nov - 2011

RemoveTrojan:Win32/Sirefef.O: Sirefef.O trojan malware removal tool & guide

Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.O is a redirect program that earns money for hackers at your expense. Optionally, as it listens to remote instructions of computer system controlled by hijackers, the malware can extend its tasks, for its basic facilities provides for a room for various modifications.Users are warned against trying such approaches to Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.O removal as registry cleanup and system restore. Such attempts have already caused great damage as many users tried these approaches and found their computer systems ruined due to the deletion of critical objects.
Needless to say, the redirect is annoying, and your computer system is not a proper place for it to stay.

Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.O removal instructions »

Added: 12 Nov - 2011

Remove Alureon: Trojan:Win32/Alureon malware removal tool & guide

Alureon (Trojan:Win32/Alureon or TDSS, TDL 4 Rootkit) causes keyboard disability and exposes your data to hackers. These are long-run consequences though. Immediate payload for the trojan is to get rid of obstacles on the way for TDSS or Alureon rootkit. In the other words, the adware in question is preoccupied with the task of promotion of another rogue, namely it creates and exploit backdoor gateway, contacts remote depository and activate link compatible with the backdoor created. This enables completely shadowed introduction of the promoted parasite.Removal of Trojan:Win32/Alureon thus might need to be performed along with TDSS malware disposal and patching of the backdoor created for hidden introduction purposes. In any case, there a single multi-purpose antivirus available which would get rid of Trojan:Win32/Alureon and provide the same outcome for the rootkit the malware drops or, if the trojan-dropper has not yet achieved its goal, would close other breaches in system security thus ensuring your PC would not fall victim of further malware assaults.

Alureon removal instructions »

Added: 31 Oct - 2011

Remove Win32/Heur: Win32.Heur malware removal tool & guide

Win32/Heur, aka Win32 Heur, is a topical threat. It has been intensively propagated in the web since 2008, which means it is very old computer infection now. Naturally the infection would not remain topical for so many months, unless it has been modified frequently, and efficiently escape, at least for a while, traps and ambuscades set up by malware watchers.
It is a job for timely and properly updated security solution to keep track of all the malware modifications and eventually be capable of exterminating any variant of the threat. Such a solution is available here (free scanner plus Win32/Heur remover).
Besides, the infection is assigned with the task of dropping malicious content such as keyloggers, rootkits, malicious imitators of system security utilities.It is understandable that a due course of Win32/Heur removal would deliver your PC of the unwanted entries dropped thanks to the effort of the above parasite.

Win32/Heur removal instructions »

Added: 18 Oct - 2011

Remove CloudProtection: Cloud Protection malware removal tool & guide

Cloud Proetction (CloudProetction) puts your computer system into extreme as its affects core system processes. This significantly worsens system characteristics. Ignoring the changes requires incredible indifference.
On this background, the program generates immense number of popups, each telling its scary story. In general, all these popups would state the viruses are about to corrupt your PC to system collapse, unless you activate your protection as soon as possible. Naturally it is the above program that would be suggested. This is a typical plot for a bogus security solution nowadays. The most outrageous is that the corruption could be indeed as critical as to render computer system incurable. Remove CloudProtection right now to prevent such critical damage. CloudProtection removal upon completing free computer examination, as well as extermination of the remaining parasites.

CloudProtection removal instructions »

Added: 13 Oct - 2011

Remove AV Guard Online: AV GuardOnline malware removal tool & guide

AV Guard Online reports infections in places that are hidden by default as these are locations to store critical system files. Since the program is a mock of genuine security tool, there are no genuine detections among those so called infections. However, there might be real locations where quite safe files are stored, but the malicious program deliberately assigns scary names to them.
The names assigned by the adware are infection names that have been elaborated by real malware experts and are used in the course of real scan. The hackers masterminding the bad imitation have not invented original names for their detections and use infection names extracted from several databases.
The expected by hackers outcome of the trickery is activation of the program. This is not to be done under any circumstances, for activation of the adware does not only waste your money into useless product, but enables the malware to update itself and draw special attention of hackers to the computer system.

AV Guard Online removal instructions »

Added: 06 Oct - 2011

Remove Security Guard 2012: Security Guard 2012 malware removal tool & guide

Security Guard 2012 creates illusion of security actions aimed at detecting threats currently challenging your computer system. The illusion is visual only, i.e. targets a human viewer whereas any decent automatic analytical detector of annoying and destructive behaviors would definitely classify the program activities as suspicious and/or malicious. There is no wonder the application tries to cheat users as it hails from the labs of hackers that literally clone such so called products from one stub. In spite of using one and same moulds and words and even running schedules in the course of development of the fake under review and dozens of previously released counterfeits, developers of the above rogue software has provided for significant changes to render impossible detection and removal of Security Guard 2012 according to the description of related malware. That is, being a clone of malware of common knowledge does not entail becoming detectable by its description. A unique routine is used to identify and remove Security Guard 2012, or advanced behavioral technique needs to be applied. The free scanner availableon detects and exterminates the pretended security technology relying on its duly updated description that covers any modifications of the scamware, as well as it ensures correctness of threats identifications by means of analyzing behavior, if necessary. Naturally the security software recommended will detect and remove both the adware and the rest of infections inhabiting your PC.

Security Guard 2012 removal instructions »

Added: 05 Oct - 2011

Remove OpenCloud AV: Open Cloud AV malware removal tool & guide

OpenCloud AV (OpenCloud Security clone) is a high-tech of malware development. It displays great performance in bypassing computer protection, user’s authorization and adjusting computer system to its needs. This means you need a well thought-out technique to ensure OpenCloud AV removal.
One of the worst things about the scam is that it looks really good so that many users are inclined to trust it. Furthermore, even where installed without user’s agreement, the adware tends to imitate obtaining the consent of computer user generating fake installation dialog. Most of its pseudo-requests are satisfied, and guess why? Those familiar with adware probably know the answer as it is a common trick when sneaky software engage names of venerable trademarks such as Microsoft into their marketing as Windows logo and name of Microsoft are included into popups generated by such tricky software products. That is why users see no reason to suspect deception as they belive it is the very computer system they relay on that suggests the software. Download Spyware Doctor to get rid OpenCloud AV and see no more misleading popups on behalf of the counterfeit (even if these contain references to being genertaed by Windows), as well as prevent it from facilitating, even if unintentionally, other threats introduction.

OpenCloud AV removal instructions »

Added: 03 Oct - 2011

Remove Zentom System Guard: Zentom virus malware removal tool & guide

Zentom malware (Zentom System Guard) fakes application that, according to its main window, “Help protect your PC”. The above expression is sometimes used to designate the whole family incorporating the adware in question. Antimalware Doctor is deemed to be the most notorious name in the strain. This name is also used as a family name. There are also names constructed by malware experts for purposes of their databases systematization, which cover the whole family. These vary among antivirus software, for example, the following names are in use: TR/FakeYak.A, Rogue:Win32/FakeYak.To facilitate the use of Zentom System Guard remover, try the following code: MTk4-NzE1-NTYx-NTUw. The string is to be coy-pasted into activation windows of the adware that bother users of PCs infected with the malware. Click here to run free computer inspection and get rid of Zentom System Guard as yet another disastrous helper in Windows protection.

Zentom System Guard removal instructions »

Added: 27 Sep - 2011

Remove Trojan.gen2: Trojan.gen2 malware removal tool & guide

Trojan.gen2 usually designates files stored in Temporary Folder. The technology of detection on the first instance examines files stored in Temporary Folder for suspiciously long period on request of website that has supplied it. Such examination might significantly slow down browsing, as well as detain files necessary to keep such settings as customized interface of accounts of certain web mail services and social networks.
On the other hand, that is an efficient remedy against introduction of trojans, which have not yet been listed in major databases of threats description. For instance, it might efficiently prevent introduction of annoying toolbars and bogus security solutions for Windows.
Removal of Trojan.gen2 is by default performed upon observing derived sample in quarantine conditions. The tool available here is a free scanner that will remove Trojan.gen2 infection as a behavioral detection, as well as it is likely to have more specific names for the trojan so that it could resolve the problem applying denomination other than specified above.

Trojan.gen2 removal instructions »

Added: 23 Sep - 2011

Remove OpenCloud Security: Open Cloud Security malware removal tool & guide

OpenCloud Security is brought to computer systems controlled by rootkits, if requirements to IP location satisfy hackers. In such case, OpenCloud Security removal only accomplishes the rootkit extermination.
The authors and promoters of the program have not limited options for infiltration of their product to rootkit captured machines only. A variety of other methods are in use, which have already been observed, and perhaps there are even more to observe.
Characteristics of the software as its distributors/authors describe theses are all fraud. It does not and cannot protect your PC, neither have its authors had relevant intention.
The rogue remained idle when most obvious infections were attacking test machine. To be honest, such test was rather unnecessary precaution to ensue the program was actually misleading as brief analyzes of its components provided sufficient evidence that the program had no tool for safeguarding computer. Remove OpenCloud Security that imitates computer protection in extremely annoying way, yet claiming money for the forced showcase.

OpenCloud Security removal instructions »

Added: 20 Sep - 2011

Remove Windows 7 Fix virus: Windows 7 Fix removal tool & guide

Windows 7 Fix is typically installed on clicking error alerts. Those error alerts are generated by trojan dropper which completed the program uploading after user’s response on the alert.
The alert generated by trojan informs of certain hard drive problem or another issues to fix. It contains an invitation to download and install relevant fix. If user accepts the invitation, the installation dialog is generated.
The installation dialog is not genuine as it is not originated by computer system. It is a concoction of the trojan, and it is the hacker’s design to attach certain legacy to the evidently illegal software.
Naturally the program is installed without user’s agreement or, top be precise, irrespective of that. If user’s consent is not obtained, the trojan installs the tricky program without the installation showcase. Otherwise, it would popup fake installation windows.
Get rid of Windows 7 Fix virus as another bogus system optimizer. As its name clearly suggests, the program is specific to the single version of Windows. In the wild, it is the trojan that determines which program to install after identifying version of Windows that has been compromised.

Windows 7 Fix removal instructions »

Added: 12 Jul - 2011

Remove W32.Blaster.Worm : Blaster Worm removal tool & guide

W32.Blaster.Worm is a threat spread among Windows computers. It is know to be still distributed by hackers and to keep mutating, though its age is enormous in terms of the cyber infections.
The most notorious variant of the worm was its B version programmed by Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18 years old US citizen from Minnesota. The youngster was detained in 2003 and court decided for 18 months prison term for the unlucky hacker.
Originally, though, the infection was developed and released by Chinese hackers that exploited popular vulnerability in Windows operating systems. To be precise, they created the worm as a remake of a patch for certain Microsoft products vulnerability so that the worm successfully integrated into Windows computers under the guise of system security update. The worm caused repeated system errors such as RPC service error followed by inevitable system shut-down, of which users were notified by standard system alert.W32.Blaster.Worm removal help is still required by many users as its new versions keep emerging.

W32.Blaster.Worm removal instructions »

Added: 05 Jul - 2011

Remove Essential Cleaner: EssentialCleaner removal tool & guide

Installation of Essential Cleaner (EssentialCleaner) consists of three main modules, namely, components responsible for its integration to, and cooperation with, host system; junk files; utility for creating and maintaining the program's graphical user's interface.
Manual installation is the only possible method of installation in this case, according to some experts. However, there is nothing to prevent the program from applying backdoor technologies and be installed by malicious installers other than human beings. At least, the components of the software first module practice forbidden for fair software methods of integration and cooperation with computer system, so why forbidden methods cannot be applied to introduce the software in question by stealth?
Junk files installed as a part of Essential Cleaner are used in its showcase known as Essential Cleaner virus scan. The junk files are reported to be viruses in the popups generated by third module of the adware. Removal of Essential Cleaner needs to cover all three modules at once. Otherwise, the program will keep bothering you and slowing down your computer system.

Essential Cleaner removal instructions »

Added: 19 May- 2011

Remove Anrivirus Pro : AnrivirusPro removal tool & guide

Anrivirus Pro (AntivirusPro) advices on actions to be taken in the respect of computer system security should in no case to be followed, especially where the adware provides location details for threats it has allegedly detected. The so called threats are harmless files. There is a good chance that the harmless files will be precious to you and critical to useful software or even computer system. If you have failed to stand the lure and deleted harmless file following the misleading advice, you may need to do a system restore to the date before deletion of the file misleadingly identified as a security threat by the fake antivirus.
It should be admitted, though, that there are several varieties of the adware differing by its popups. In particular, there are variety that does not disclose location details of detected threats and a variety that shows a path to detected threats. Needless to say, in any case the detection has not been actually made and is reported to lure users into thinking they are infected.
Anrivirus Pro removal is to be performed while its advice to delete threats detected is a tricky tactic to be ignored.

Anrivirus Pro removal instructions »

Added: 12 May- 2011

Remove PC Security Guardian: PC SecurityGuardian removal tool & guide

PC Security Guardian is a member of big and old family. The family history dates back to 2008, which makes it one of the oldest still growing fake antivirus families.
Get rid of PC Security Guardian, for the rogue applies all the experience of its predecessors to bother users. It has a good skill in escaping removal attempts. Weak security tools will not do against it.
Of course, the annoyware does not betray its components as they are not available for uninstalling. Viruses are also allies of the scamware so that there is neither tool no intention to detect computer threats displayed in case of this program.
The statement that viruses cooperate with the fake antivirus are not groundless as several trojans have been detected that facilitate PC Security Guardian infiltration. In the meantime, there are many opportunities to get infected with the counterfeit of system utility without trojan assistance.
In order to perform PC Security Guardian removal, as well as extermination of viruses detected regardless of their relation to the fake antivirus, click the download link for free scan assistance and advanced help in threats removal.

PC Security Guardian removal instructions »

Added: 6 May- 2011

Remove Windows Recovery: WindowsRecovery removal tool & guide

To fake a policemen, wearing his uniform is just enough. To fake security tool for computer system, it is just enough to dress up a program in appropriate way, it is even better to decorate it with medals and awards. Detention and probably imprisoning is a common penalty for faking a policemen. Hackers spreading Windows Recovery (WindowsRecovery) are unlikely to be imprisoned in the nearest future, for they reside in countries that do not properly prosecute hackers or rather fake the prosecution. However, they do somewhat greater damage than a man faking a police officer can do, for a man can appear in one place at a time, but a computer infection appears in thousands locations in one time.
Its appearance is usually followed by sharp drop of system speed and other unwanted changes. That is another reason to get rid of Windows Recovery (WindowsRecovery) as it fakes antivirus thoroughly so that it harms computers instead of viruses which it pretends to detect.

Windows Recovery removal instructions »

Added: 3 May- 2011

Remove Antivirus Center: AntivirusCenter removal tool & guide

If a software product faking antivirus has got no clue what viruses are threatening your computer system currently, how could it explain particular program errors in details and provide explanation and a fix for the issue? The answer is simple as all genius things are. Antivirus Center (AntivirusCenter) itself simply arranges the error and that is why it experiences no difficulty to explain it, as well as to provide such amazing prompt fix.
However, in some cases it fails to repair the errors it has caused by its own. The question is whether you are going to put up with the malicious software and watch its upcoming exploits. Long-lasting tricks of the adware eventually cause irreparable for the adware damage. If you are going to get rid of Antivirus Center, lingering is unwise, for it may cost you a range of useful software errors and data damage.

Antivirus Center removal instructions »

Added: 1 May- 2011

Remove Fast Windows Antivirus 2011: Windows Fast Antivirus 2011 removal tool & guide

Few would volunteer to get this program for security guard on their computer systems, if they knew the truth. The truth is that true features of Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 correspond to average set of tasks assigned to adware faking system utility with a bit extended set of corruptive actions.
However, users downloading and installing this program are presented with completely opposite information, namely that the adware is actually an award-winning security solution. They are invited to try it and, fortunately, most of such users are so disappointed and unsatisfied and annoyed with the adware that they grow keen to get rid of Fast Windows Antivirus 2011.
Only IT experts are likely to manage Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 removal without special assistance.

Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 removal instructions »

Added: 30 Apr - 2011

Remove Internet Security Essentials: InternetSecurityEssentials removal tool & guide

Unwanted protection may be worse than null protection. In a broad sense, misleading protection is also unwanted, even if acquired by the consent of its acquirer. In terms of adware faking security guard of computer systems the protection is considered to be a benefit provided to the user of computer system and it includes declared set of protecting acts. If they are not fulfilled in the wild, the protection can hardly be considered as a deliberately acquired.
Therefore Internet Security Essentials is unwanted protection in any case, i.e. even if a user downloaded and installed it with its own hands. The name is a denomination of fake antispyware that bothers users instead of actually protecting. Furthermore, Internet Security Essentials removal is blocked by hackers and is only possible where relevant tools or guides are applied.
Get rid of Internet Security Essentials unwanted protection and protect your PC for real clicking the link below.

Internet Security Essentials removal instructions »

Added: 22 Feb - 2011

Remove System Tool: SystemTool removal tool & guide

Hard working advertising software readily loads flows of astonishing notifications. Moderate tricky system utilities are known to learn user’s habits and seem to be at least endurable. System Tool (SystemTool) is a fake antispyware that has been observed in both extreme states, as well as in a number of intermediate states. It is hard to judge which is less annoying and more acceptable. In terms of system security, the moderate mode of the program is the most unsafe as the adware:
a. is more focused on concealed harm
b. is less likely to be deleted.
The technology of the adware adjustments is provided by schedule file without essential changes to program codes of the software. Removal of System Tool is thus the same irrespective of its peculiarities. Click the link below to terminate the scam progress and get rid of System Tool components extermination other threats detected in the course of free scan.

System Tool removal instructions »

Added: 19 Feb - 2011

Remove Security Defender: SecurityDefender removal tool & guide

Being a computer infection, the program can infect computers directly. Direct infecting should be understood as a malicious content introduction without user’s conscious participation. Example of such introduction is a shadowed upload of Security Defender (SecurityDefender) by trojan-dropper. In the meantime, the most popular routine for the infection infiltration is classified as semi-direct installation, which is built on fraudulent updates request generated by trojan. The request can be repeated endless number of times until satisfied or its source rooted out. The update, once installed, is found to be the adware in question. Get rid of Security Defender regardless of its introduction scheme, for its behavior poses a threat to system integrity, no matter that the main goal of its installation is to scare users with fake threat detections. Actually, the threats detected by the rogue refer to real names, but there is no detecting act as such by the counterfeit.

Security Defender removal instructions »

Added: 14 Feb - 2011

Remove Antivira AV: AntiviraAV removal tool & guide

This kind of antivirus does not remain idle when some viruses arrive into your computer system. Despite being posed as antivirus with extra features, the program is actually a virus-friendly antivirus and cooperates with some of them. The viruses cooperating with the fake antivirus look for its identifier and then provide assistance to the program according to their instruction. For example, an installed virus may update AntiVira AV or AntiviraAV, control keyboard while the adware processes are active. Infections that the adware refers to, even if they are the names of real infections, have not been actually disclosed and are mentioned to make the misleading threats report more convincing. Download free-scan solution (Spyware Doctor) to get rid of AntiVira AV; the suggested way of AntiVira AV removal certainly covers other infections, including viruses furthering the scam.

Antivira AV removal instructions »

Added: 10 Feb - 2011

Remove Antivirus .net: removal tool & guide

Get rid of Antivirus .net to prevent applications from execution failure and some websites from banning. This program fakes security activities and issues relevant notifications informing that application cannot be executed when you actually cannot use it and that website cannot be visited due to security reasons. This is a routine trick applied by programs of its tribe to scare users into believing they need extended assistance of adware posed as computer security provider.
As compared to Security Suite adware detected and most likely released in a few days before its detection was reported, Antivirus .net interface was slightly modified. In spite of that the changes were minor, they were significant enough to make it clearly different from its predecessor even for inattentive users. In the meantime, executing components of the rogue remained practically the same to define this case as development of adware family by cloning.

Antivirus .net removal instructions »

Added: 1 Feb - 2011

Remove System Tool 2011: SystemTool 2011 removal tool & guide

Reporting application failure to start the program attempts, in particular, to prevent relevant program from containing it and on-demand disposal of its components. Another benefit of such alerting for the program vendor is that the alert makes the fake antivirus more convincing, for the situation proves that the program reports on real issues and in time, even predicting them. That is a common trick as the adware itself blocks exe file and then, or before blocking the fie, states that so and so executable is infected. Get rid of System Tool 2011 (SystemTool 2011) to prove that the exe is quite consistent and not infected and run any application you like.
In the meantime, strings of alerts and nag screens are generated by the adware during almost every Windows sessions. The program switches itself into quiet mode for a while and then loads its misleading popups again. Of course, there is no search for real viruses by the adware.
The adware is known to be another program in the family of fake antivirus tools being a direct clone from SystemTool. Remover of System Tool 2011 is available on our site. It is a free scanner that detects all rogue programs at your PC and then deletes the threats upon user’s agreement and request.

System Tool 2011 removal instructions »

Added: 16 Dec - 2010

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